Who Is Thea Didius?

Thea Didius (not quite her name in RL, but hey!) was first created on the site Ancientsites, owned by Cybersites.com. On Ancientsites, members chose an ancient city in which to live (for example, Rome), and a family that was associated with that city (for example, the Didius family). So, in 1997, Thea Didius was "born."

Thea was fairly active in a number of groups on Ancientsites, such as the Rome Welcoming Committee, and after a couple of years, Thea became the family editor of the Didius family, which basically meant that she could change images and messages on the Didius famiy home page on Ancientsites.

Ancientsites was closed by Cybersites in March 2001, so Thea created the Ancientsites Alliance in an effort to keep the families and groups of Ancientsites in contact with each other, as many of them were moving to different sites to keep going with discussions. Salvianna Didius created the House of Didius as the new home for the Didius family.

Since then, Thea has moved to several new sites, mainly as part of working with the Ancientsites Alliance, and so decided to create a Villa for herself as a sort of 'home base' from which to work from.

Didii in Roman History

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