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Welcome to the Villa Rustica! My name is Cornix, and this is the working part of the farm. I will be taking over your tour for this part.

I am the Vilicus of the Villa, which is the farm manager. I am myself a slave, though I supervise all the farm work. Most people would say that the Vilicus is a hard taskmaster, as our hope of freedom usually relies on the amount of profit the Villa is making! The job of Vilicus is big, as practically everything the large estate needs is produced or manufactured here. Usually Villas don't specialize in a particular area, unless condtions make it profitable.

My wife is called the Vilica. She supervises areas such as clothes-making.

Anyway, on with the tour. There are only a few parts of the Villa Rustica on the tour at the moment, though we may add others as time goes by.


This is where we grow our grapes for eating and making wine.

Olive Grove

Like the Vineyard, this is an important addition to Roman diet!


Where we grow a variety of fruits

Poultry Yards

You'll find more than just chickens here!

Wheat Fields

Still to come.


See what other animals we have here. More to come on this section.