Welcome to the Atrium, or courtyard! This room leads off to the rest of the Villa Urbana, which is the section of the Villa that the family lives in. You are welcome to relax by the Impluvium (a pond designed to catch rainwater that falls through the open roof) before you move on to the rest of the house. You will find, though, that the Perystylium is the main centre of Roman daily life - we usually use the Atrium for more formal occasions.

This atrium is of the Tuscanium design, which means that it has no columns supporting the roof. It was expensive to build, but this design is one of the more popular of the five atrium designs around the Roman world.

Just off from the atrium you will find the lararium, which is a shrine to the household gods. The household safe, or arca, is also found here, so if you have any valuables that you want to put in it, we will be more than happy to look after them for you! :-)
Other rooms that you will find surrounding the atrium are the Tablinium and Triclinium.

Living in a Town - Insula and Domus living arrangements.