Welcome to the Bibliotheca, or library! We are still aquiring (or more to the point, writing!) many of the scrolls that will soon be available for you to read here. Once we are done, you will find every scroll that is linked to throughout the Villa, and many more here! We aim to cover several areas of history, and will be adding more to the list as time goes by!

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to read what we have to date!


Didii in Roman History - Bits and pieces written by members of the Didius Family of AS

Emperors - A Chronological Listing - originally on my Nuntavi site, but I've fixed up the HTML a lot since then!

Gods and Goddesses - taken straight from my Nuntavi site, this gives a list of some of the deities worshipped in Rome.

Living in a Town - Insula and Domus living arrangements.

The Roman Value system - Find out what was important to the Romans.



Persian Wars Part Something - Why the Persians Lost - Hey, so we're starting with the last bit first, just to be unpredictable!


The Controversy over 'Why Botany Bay?'

The Rum Rebellion I - Preceding Events - Originally written as a series of articles at Pan Historia, they have been altered very slightly here.
The Rum Rebellion II - Personalities of the Rebellion
The Rum Rebellion III - The Day of the Rebellion
The Rum Rebellion IV - Aftermarth of the Rebellion