Hi! I'm Thea Didius. I hope that Roscius has made you welcome, and that you have enjoyed your visit so far to my Villa.
Now, down to business. I'll give you a quick run through of what I am invovled in, and you are free to come and see and participate!
First up, for those who want to send me a message, email me at


I set up the Ancientsites Alliance in preparation with the closure of Ancientsites. It aims to keep the families and groups of Ancientsites in touch with each other. There is an explaination of what AS and the ASA is on the site itself.
If you are interested in Ancient history, and want to join a group of people with the same interests, then go check out the ASA to find out where many now are.
If you are a member of AS and want to know where your group or family now is, or want to help out at the ASA in some way, also check it out and see what is happening.

This is an online directory of Peanuts related sites, and a great tool for any Snoopy fans out there! I have just done a HUGE amount of work on it, so please come and have a look!


This was the first website I ever made, and I intended to move it all from Ancientsites to Freeservers when AS closed, but I have not got around to it yet. It is all saved on disk, and instead I am slowly incorporating it into the Villa, though with a different look. One of these days, when I have nothing to do (probably wishful thinking there!) I will rebuild the site.