Welcome to the Villa of Thea Didius! My name is Roscius, servant to Thea, and I am here to welcome you and give you her regards. You must be weary from your travels, so Thea invites you to feel free to wander around her villa and relax.

If you haven't yet met Thea, and are wondering who she is, Come here to find out more about her.

As you wander around the Villa, please remember that anything that is written in this colour writing is purely roleplay, and might not be historically accurate. We will soon have images around the Villa that you can click on and find historical information on Roman life and history. They will look like:

Or, you could go to the Bibliotheca to see what we have so far. We will eventually have lots of information for you to read, covering quite a few areas of history!

To leave Thea a non-urgant message, click on the icon below! Note - your message may be public.

OR - you can email Thea at thea@snoopypost.com

Now, let me show you around! The links are in the order that you would probably find them in if you were strolling through the house, though you are welcome to follow them in any order that you choose.

Villa Urbana

The Villa Urbana is the section of the villa that the family lives in. This is where we are now. At any stage of your tour, just come back to the "Vestibulum" to return here. The Vestibulum is the entrance.


This is the first courtyard that you will find after entering the Villa.


For those of you who have business with Thea, or just want to find out about some of the projects she is involved in, or just want to contact her, then please step into her Tablinium.


One of the Dining Rooms around the Villa.


The garden that is within the house.


Here you will meet our cook, Valentius, as he is preparing dinner in the kitchen.


This is one of the bedrooms within the Villa.


In the Library, you will find factual information on many areas of history, both the scrolls that we have linked to around the Villa, and many more! NOTE - not a lot is there at the moment.


You can wander right through the Baths now - we have just finished building them!.

Villa Rustica

This is the working section of the farm. Our Vilicus, Cornix, will show you around.

Villa Fructaria

This is the storehouse section of the Villa. This is not yet ready.

Other Domuses

Visit some of Thea's other domuses around the Internet! These are her 'townhouses' on other sites!
Thea Didius at Pan Historia
HistoryWalker - Thea lives in Rome here, but is rarely there due to problems with College computers.
The Lost Worlds - Thea's domus at the Lost Worlds.
Ancient Times as Thea Didius
ATWAS as Thea Didius
The Domus of Thea Didius at the AncientVine - AV seems to no longer exist.

Or Thea can also be found at:
House of Didius
Ancientsites Alliance

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The Ancientsites Alliance is run by
Thea Didius and Proserpina Curius


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